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About me

Jella Yajai Friedrich

I grew up in Berne (BE) living with my parents and later with my Mother. Since we lived right in the city center, there was no garden or other kids I could play with, so my daily activity consisted of dancing and singing in our living room. This is how I developed my passion for music and especially singing.

As I got a bit older my Mom started sending me to piano and vocal training classes and I started to develop interest in philosophies, especially Buddhist teachings.  I remember the times as a teenager when I used to go clubbing till late and the next morning I would rush to go to the temple. At that age I couldn't understand my interest in spiritual teachings yet. My artistry expanded once I started writing songs, most of them started in my journal.


Since then I've gathered many beautiful experiences as an artist. My first band in 2017 called "ThreeSome", "The voice of Switzerland" in 2020, my first EP release in 2021, the nomination at the "M4M Music Festiva"l in 2023 and the many concerts and festivals I got to play at later that year.

I've always felt like my mission is to combine these two interest of mine into one. Spirituality & Music. 

In 2021 I finally started my education as a tantra teacher, combining my interest in reaching a higher state of consciousness and deepening my creativity. In 2022 I additionally studied at the Sound healing academy, in order to integrate these tools into my music making and to hold a safe space in the form of monthly sound baths in Bern with my dear friend Simona.


 I am learning and growing each day and today I feel ready to support and inspire others on their journey and to continue sharing my music with the world.


Experiences and Qualifications

SPSi Certificate at Swiss Music Academy

20+ years of vocal training

The voice of Switzerland 2020

Certified Tantra teacher 

Tarot reader workshop attended
Embodiment and silent retreat experiences

Sound healing Level 1 Certificate  at the sound healing Academy

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