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In Person or Online


Creative Coaching

60 min

Growing into our most authentic artistic self can be a practical and mental process. Therefore this sessions will depend on your personal needs. This could be in the form of practical vocal training, songwriting tipps and help with performance. Or it could be us working on your throat chakra, unlocking creative blocks with the help of tantric tools & "the artist's way" method by Julia Cameron.

Single price: 80.-

   Abo price: 75.-


Heart based Tantra session


Trauma or negative imprints can not only affect our creativity but also our relationships, sexuality and our general quality of life. These sessions are focused on developing self love, awakening our life force energy, healing our sexual self, old wounds and opening ourselves up to limitless pleasure, passion and love. We'll be working with tantric tools and meditations. Since I am still working on my practical hours this service is available at a reduced price for now.

Single price: 88.-

   Abo price: 80.-


Tarot Reading


Using divination, intuition and the connection to the divine, we can gain insight into the present moment, what might have caused the situation we are in now, and what we most likely will attract moving forward with the energy we are carrying.
Can be a general reading or a topic based reading (ex. love)

Price: 40.-

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